Employers in the transportation industry are looking for qualified drivers now. The American Trucking Association (ATA) did a driver analysis in 2015 with an expected shortage of 48,000 drivers and if the current trend holds it is very possible that this figure could rise by 175,000 by 2024.  This report can be read and downloaded by clicking  HERE.

Statistics show job seekers that are fortunate enough to be hired with a CDL-A earn a median wage of $40,260 or $19.36 an hour with 88% maintaining paid benefits.1 This is $9,142 higher than the per capita income in Rhode Island. 2

       For these very reasons, we strongly encourage every student to test for and obtain as many of their states CDL-A endorsements which includes tankers, doubles and triples and the Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) endorsement. The Hazmat endorsement can be obtained upon completion of the course and receiving your CDL license. Information on this endorsement and the TSA background check can be found by going to our resources page or clicking HERE.

There are local companies here in Southeastern MA and Rhode Island that are hiring with excellent benefits. Click the link below to start your search.

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