Need to renew a USDOT Medical Card?

      As we continue to build our site and update it we did implement a few changes to the online scheduling. In the past there was some confusion when it came to the ELDT Hazmat training class that we offer once a month. This training is ONLY FOR ACTIVE TEAMSTER MEMBERS and requires registration to the site so membership can be verified prior to booking that training.   
     Those members who are looking to upgrade their license with a Hazmat endorsement who have never held the endorsement before can sign up in the members only account pages after registering on the site.  The cost for this training is free and for active members only.  For more information head over to the CONTACT US! page or hit us up on the chat box to the lower right/ right side of the browser.


    For those needing medical cards, our nurse makes an onsite visit to the school on the first Monday of every month except holidays. In the calendar below the only date that is accessible is that first Monday of every month. These appointments are on a first come first serve basis with only 12 available. This service is not provided by the driving school other that to setup the schedule for our USDOT certified nurse to come in. The physical schedule is open to the public regardless to the status of being a Teamster member or not. 


Please read.


     Upon selecting the service needed and  appointment time you will get an email signifying that you have made a reservation and if there aren’t any conflicts you will receive another email confirming your appointment. If you don’t receive the email check in your spam or junk mailbox first before reaching out. As with anything new there may be a few bugs but after extensive testing we think that we squashed them all. If you have any issues with the form, booking or receiving confirmations about your appointment please head over to the Contact Us! page or the active text box to the right of the screen  and drop us a message so that way we can get it resolved for you and not risk the chances of having your medical card expire or the inability to upgrade your CDL!