RJRI enrollments 

*Please note that to participate in the Real Jobs RI grant the prospective trainee MUST LIVE or WORK in RHODE ISLAND. While there are some exceptions that can be made, these are expressly at the discrection of the Teamsters Driving School along with the RI DLT. *


     Many of our local employers are hiring our member participants right out of training because they recognize the professional training that they have received during the eight week course. They also know that they can count on our drivers to handle themselves in a professional manner and even more importantly handle the equipment SAFELY on our public roads because of the amount of behind the wheel time they receive. Our trainees have always set the standard in the industry.

     The following requirements will need to be met in order to be accepted into the Real Jobs RI program. Those that qualify will be eligible for tuition free training. They are as follow;

1. Clean driving background

      Simple driving infractions will not prevent any participant from being enrolled, a DUI on the other hand will. It is very important to understand that with a positive or failure to submit to a chemical test will result in not being able to obtain a CDL learners permit for five (5) years from the date of the infraction.

      Driving backgrounds can be obtained online by clicking the link below and cost $21.50.

Rhode Island Driving Record

2. Clean BCI will be required

      The Teamsters Local 251 Driving School does recognize that not everyone who looks to obtain their CDL will have a clean background. However, to be eligible to participate in this grant the driving school will require a TSA background check to be completed ensuring that you will have the ability to obtain your HAZMAT endorsement while enrolled in the training.

     If you are unsure if you qualify, the list of offenses preventing eligibility for this CDL endorsement can be found by clicking on the link below.

Hazmat Disqualifications

     Many (not all) of our local employers do require a HAZMAT endorsement which will require this background check.

     The TSA will require a biometric fingerprint to process the background check. Normally, the background check takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks at which point you will receive an email stating that you are now eligible for the RIDMV to administer the HAZMAT exam. Please note: Due to the new Entry Level Driver Training requirements you have to participate in a separate Hazmat training offered here at the school prior to taking your Hazmat endorsement. More information and the schedule of this training can be found by clicking HERE.  You want to keep a copy for your records but will also need to submit a copy to the driving school for the Real Jobs grant eligibility.

      There is also a pre-enrollment portal that needs to be completed before having your fingerprints done. By clicking the link below you will be directed to the TSA portal where you will be prompted to fill out a questionnaire with some personal information and upon completion of the form you will have the opportunity to book an appointment. It is highly recommended to schedule a time and not do a “walk-in” appointment as that wait times may be much longer. There is a fee that will be due on the day your background check is completed and that cost is $86.50.

TSA HAZMAT Pre-Enrollment Portal

3. Permanent residency card, birth certificate, SS card, passport and a valid RI driver’s license

     A combination of one of these forms of ID and license are required by the state to cover the cost of participation in the program. They are also required to obtain the federal CDL interstate license. Work visas are not allowed.

     Even with some of these revised requirements, obtaining the CDL at the Teamsters Driving School has never been easier. We are the most affordable, no pressure driving school in Rhode Island and the surrounding area along with our near 100% success rate, the time is now to get behind the wheel.

      If you have any questions regarding these requirements for the Real Jobs grant, the training or anything concerning the industry we are here to help. Call or EMAIL the school today at 401-434-0454 x 232