Welcome to the Driving School’s Enrollment Page. 

    Please use the password that you were assigned through a confirmation email to login to the scheduler and follow the directions below.

To avoid any confusion on how to go about scheduling a start date from the confirmation email to reserving a date, check out the video below!

   Upon entering your password that was assigned to you in the box below a calendar should appear. If not you may need to contact the school for an updated password as the one your were assigned may have expired. Once unlocked the calendar will list the dates for enrollment through the end of the year. There are five spaces available for each class. The remaining spaces available per date are shown in parenthesis to the right of the time slot. If the date you are looking to reserve cannot be saved please advance the calendar to the next available day/month. 

Please note that training starts at 8:30 am

     Upon completion of this reservation there will be a confirmation email sent out with your start date reservation. If you do not receive a confirmation email please check your spam or junk email folder. Any issues please use the Contact Us! form to get the issue resolved. Thank you!

*We do reserve the right to move and cancel start dates. Once confirmed we will not make any adjustment to your scheduled start date up to a week in advance. 

Please enter the password that was emailed to you below.