Have you seen the ads in the paper, online or the job listings links even on this very website?  Ever wondered what it would be like to be able to apply for one of those CDL tractor trailer jobs and get the training required to be able to submit your application?

      The Teamsters Driving School is proud to announce that we are making that dream a reality. The school has been awarded the Real Jobs RI grant again and we are the only school in Rhode Island that is part of the transportation sector and this exciting opportunity. The school has partnered up with some very prominent employers in the area and they include, Mondelez, T-Force Freight, ABF Freight, Centrex, McLaughlin & Moran, Petro and the list is growing. We are far from finished with recruiting other employers within the state and just outside the state line. The driver shortage is a a reality and no longer just a report done by the ATA back in 2017 and republished again with similar findings. The employers we represent and those we don’t are recognizing this.

       In June of 2017, when the school took the opportunity to write the proposal for this grant and we knew that there would be successful outcomes with this program. This State/Federal grant is structured in such a way that we are able to work closely with our current and future employers to fill their ever changing needs in a very fast paced and demanding industry.  As the lead we are able to convene these employers and others within the industry along with other grantees to see that residents of Rhode Island and the surrounding communities have an opportunity to participate in this program. This program provides a pipeline for those employers to fill those positions upon completion. 

      The Teamsters have always believed in the hard working middle class and this is no different. When the proposal was written we wanted to make getting a CDL very affordable with very little out of pocket expense. Just like with the American Jobs Center WIOA grant, the training is covered and the only cost to you the prospective trainee is the applicable DMV permit licensing fees, TSA Hazmat background check, pre-enrollment drug screen, DOT physical and road test. There are ABSOLUTLEY NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Contrary to some of the rumors on the street, if the basic requirements are met you the prospective trainee as a new Teamster member will only be paying for some basic pre-requisites and those that are needed are not charged by the school as they are all done by third party providers. We control the grants and that is it. If you qualify you could be training here with the Teamsters for as little as $500  The school does have some basic requirements along with the DOT physical which can be done the first Monday of every month. There is an online reservation system that can be found by clicking HERE or on the link at the bottom of the page. Permits will also be required prior to getting a start date and being accepted into the program. These dates are a first come first serve basis. We try our best to be very equitable to everyone to see that when they are ready to start the waiting time before starting is as short as possible. It should be noted that if one of the employers that we represent needs a CDL position filled immediately that employee member goes right to the top of the waiting list. The average wait from first contact to enrollment is roughly about 6 to 8 weeks.

     Training at the Teamsters Local 251 Driving School has never been easier. If you are interested in this opportunity to keep thousands of dollars in your pocket and start earning thousands, email or call the school for further information by clicking on the links below.

RJRI enrollments