Trainer Profile


Paul has been a member of Local 251 for over 50 years! 

      During his career in the local he has worked for not only the local, retirees chapter but numerous freight companies that were once a part of the local until the infamous deregulation forced many to shutter.

1971-77 Knights Express – local pickup and delivery. While not working for Knight’s Paul grabbed as much work as possible sparing at the follwing carriers:

  • Carolina
  • North Penn
  • New Penn
  • Vallerie
  • Smith’s Transfer
  • Preston
  • Tose-Fowler
  • Hunt Chemical

      For the last 25 years before his retirement in 2010 he worked for a very well known chemical company in Cranston, R.I.,  Hess Chemical 

      Paul also was the captain of Local 251’s Strike force for 5 years and an organizer for 4. After retirement he spent 11 years as Local 251’s retiree chapter’s recording secretary.

      Paul “Griff” Griffin has an infectious personality and goes out of his way to help as many people as he can in and out of the training school. In many and if not all cases he puts himself before others and like the rest of the training staff at the driving school is a huge asset to our trainees for not only the knowledge he brings to school from his time in the industry but his ability to see that those who may be struggling make it to the other side and successfully complete.