Online registration and enrollment is now active!

In an effort to streamline the enrollment process and make sure it is equitable and fair for everyone, we have rolled out an online reservation system for not only the DOT physicals and ELDT hazmat trainings (Teamster members only) but now we have the ability to allow future trainees to register with the site, verify their eligibility to begin training and after verification, book their very own start date! It seriously couldn’t be any easier to train here at the driving school. Just go the the Trainee Registration page to begin the process.

After extensive testing we worked out all of the bugs and have started to enroll particpants into the program that are ready to enroll. There may be a few bumps as we get this going but we feel as though this will work well for everyone. It should be noted that while those that are ready to begin and have reserved a spot need to keep an eye out in their email for final confirmation of a start date. DO NOT SHOW UP TO BEGIN TRAINING WITHOUT BEING CONFIRMED! Once confimed you are locked in and we will not readjust the start date. However prior to being confirmed becase we are working closely with many employers that we represent who need drivers trained, we may adjust your start date but only a week prior to starting. So in other words if you register and are confirmed on Monday before the follwing Monday start, we WILL NOT move you. As always if there an questions or comments, don’t hesitate to drop us an email at our Contact Us! page. This is just another example of how we continually elevate the driving school more than anyone else in New England for the benifit of our trainees!

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