Candidate for the Office for RI General Treasurer James Diossa stops by the school

Candidate for the office of RI General Treasurer, James Diossa stopped by the school today and met with the training staff and trainees. He shared his vision for the office and how important education is. As we continue to train the safest drivers in RI and Southern New England we couldn’t agree more. With education comes knowledge and the ability to advance. Ask any one of our trainees that has obtained a CDL license from the Teamsters and is working in the industry as to how much that CDL has changed their lives. We hear it all the time and couldn’t be prouder in our efforts to change someone’s life for the better.

James is looking to continue the progress of the office he is seeking to win in this upcoming crucial election and we couldn’t be prouder to support him for the position. We encourge everyone to vote for him and those other candidates that General Teamsters Local 251 edorses. You have a voice and a vote and it should be heard. As a friend of labor James will work side by side with the Teamsters in seeing that the working middle class is heard. Early voting has begun and it is important to vote!

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