Why Us?

  • With over 150 years of combined years of experience we have the knowledge and determination to see that every student that enrolls in our school succeeds.
  • Every trainer has over one million miles  of accident free,safe driving. With their past experience they can easily communicate the risks and hazards on the roadways to each student.
  • With almost 85% behind the wheel training you will learn how to drive the truck not wish you were driving the truck.
  • Small class sizes allow for more behind the wheel time and  one on one instruction.                             20161221_084202
  • Eight weeks of solid professional training.
  • Lancer Safety Award for 2016
  • On site DOT physicals (if needed) and drug screens (federally required).
  • Practice Exams for the Registry permit test as well as testing for other endorsements.
  • On site computer access to further study and learn about the CDL, transportation industry and sign up for the TSA Hazmat pre-enrollment.
  • You will be part of North America’s strongest unions, The Teamsters!
Dedicated staff will work one on one to ensure proper handling of the tractor trailer in the yard and the street.
Thorough inspections of the truck are a critical part of the course and taught by industry professionals